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What is Virtual Assistance?
A Virtual Assistant ("VA") is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative, creative and support services to businesses, entrepreneurs and busy individuals, regardless of location. Partnering with a professional VA offers several advantages. First, a VA is only paid for the time they are working on your behalf. Next, you do not incur any of the peripheral costs of having a traditional employee. The expense of providing office space, furniture, equipment, computer hardware and software, and office supplies is eliminated. Of course, since a VA is an independent contractor, there are no employee benefits to pay and no additional payroll-related expenses.

More About Me
As a small business owner myself, I have experienced the challenges of running an independent company, and understand how the day-to-day operations can keep a business owner from building their business or implementing ideas that could move that business forward.

Educational Background
I have a broad-based educational background, with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and several years experience as a computer corporate sales representative, trainer and troubleshooter. My graphic, print and web design company was founded in 1991. Many of these clients have been with me for 10+ years, and I continue to increase and expand my services to them. Such satisfying long-term relationships helped me realize how much I enjoy the personal connection and brainstorming involved in working closely with other business people. After extensive research on how to further develop my support and administrative skills, I found AssistU, the premiere organization for training Virtual Assistants. After an intense and comprehensive 20-week training program and successful completion of the extensive Virtual Training Program exam, I was pleased to earn the title of AssistU graduate.

Skills and Experience
I actually love technology!  There’s always something new to learn!  From my early days as a corporate trainer and trouble-shooter to teaching courses on the internet and technology at the local community college, I enjoy sharing what I know. My work in print media and training through AssistU has only strengthened my high-level communication skills.

Technical Skills
Software/Technology Proficiencies
  • Web design, website maintenance

  • Writing, editing, proofing, creative layout production (served as editor for two published books)

  • Press releases, media kits, identity pieces

  • Event planning & organization, pre- & post- materials

  • Electronic media presentations (personal & business)

  • Electronic newsletters, e-newsletters

  • Microsoft Office Products

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC (web design)

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe InDesign CC (print layout)

  • Proficient at implementing new software & technology

Continuing Education
I am committed to keeping my skills sharp, so I can continue to provide only the best services to my clients. Towards this end, I continue to develop personally and professionally by taking advanced virtual assistance courses, attending seminars and reading constantly.


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