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My Partnering Process

The key to a successful relationship between a Virtual Assistant and her clients are those intangibles that comprise any good partnership.  My skills and ability to learn quickly are even more effective for my clients when we share compatible working styles, personalities, problem-solving and communication skills. My partnering process leads us through several conversations that will help us decide whether we can work together effectively.  At the end of each conversation, we will each decide whether to move on to the next stage. 

Initial Conversation – “Meet and Greet”
This “meet and greet” conversation is exactly that: an opportunity to hear each other’s voices and ask some basic questions.  We will use the time during this 15-20 minute call to just get acquainted.  By the end of the conversation, we’ll decide whether to move on to the assessment and next conversation.

To prepare for our second conversation, which will deal with expectations, working styles and personal characteristics, I will send you a short assessment to complete. This assessment contains 15-20 statements for you to rate yourself (on a scale of 1 – 5; less true – more true).  Your responses to the assessment will be the basis for our 2nd conversation, along with some additional questions I will ask you to consider that will help reveal whether our working styles are compatible.

2nd Conversation
We will use your completed assessment as the basis for our second conversation.  During this call, which usually lasts 45-60 minutes, we will discuss the practical issues of working together, our goals, working styles, pet peeves, etc. The key to this conversation is to speak honestly about our expectations of each other and our partnership. By the end of this call, we should both have a good sense as to whether we can develop a strong partnership.If necessary, we can schedule a third call to discuss any remaining topics.

If we decide to move forward towards a VA-client relationship, not only will we have confidence in our ability to work together, we will have completed some important work in developing a strong foundation for our relationship.  

As we begin our new partnership, I also have a specially designed Intake Process that will get us off to a great start!



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